• Photo: Andreas Herrmann
    Photo: Andreas Herrmann


    A location for the alert. The right location for you.

    The Technology Region Aachen offers a unique combination of high technology – with university and private research – and production know-how. Its international flair is immense – from the International Charlemagne Prize to the World Equestrian Festival – and yet it still has endearingly strong local roots and traditions. It is a lively corporate landscape with one of the best market geographies in Europe. AGIT promotes and develops this Technology Region and is the partner for international, national and regional enterprises when it comes to finding the ideal location.


    The economy needs technology and technology needs the economy.

    As simple as it may sound, this correlation plays a decisive role in the growth of an entire region. Here in Aachen we are the partner for business enterprises opening doors for them and making the Technology Region Aachen more transparent. Whether it’s about setting up a company here, finding innovation partners or the targeted promotion of economically sound projects, AGIT is the Development Agency for the Aachen Region and your partner for business.


    Starting up with technology. The innovative power of new business enterprises.

    A Technology Region does not just appear out of thin air. Nor can it hold its own without using the power of new technological ideas, the latest findings from the field of science and research or new processes as the basis for establishing new companies. And exactly that is what is so special about the Aachen Region. Here – with our help – science can become business. AGIT specialises in providing support for technology-oriented start-up companies.


The history of AGIT is closely linked to the development of the Aachen region. A regional development agency has evolved from a technology centre in the City of Aachen, incidentally the very first in West Germany.

In the following you will find some highlights from our history, a longer version of which - up to and including 2003 - can be found in our anniversary magazine published in November 2003 on the occasion of our 20th anniversary.


  • Foundation of Aachener Gesellschaft für Innovation und Technologietransfer AGIT


  • Opening of first Aachen Technology Centre (TZA)
  • AIXTRON moves into first TZA
  • Prometec sets up in first TZA
  • Foundation of PP-COMM (today CYCOS) in first TZA


  • Foundation of Parsytec in first TZA
  • Foundation of ave Verkehrsinformatik in first TZA
  • Planning conference: AGIT receives regional sphere of competence


  • Start of technology transfer collaborative projects
  • New activities at AGIT: Technology transfer and inward investment attraction
  • Foundation of HEAD acoustics in first TZA
  • Aachen turns to US investors


  • Cemecon moves into first TZA
  • ComConsult set up present at first TZA
  • First presentation of "Technology region Aachen" at trade fair Cebit '87


  • Foundation of KryptoKom (today UTIMACO) in first TZA
  • AGIT promotes region in Sweden and Japan
  • First publication of NEWS magazine


  • Bernd Thomas appointed managing director of AGIT
  • Foundation of Cerobear in first TZA
  • Mitsubishi Semiconductor Europe (today Renesas Semiconductor Europe) invests in Alsdorf
  • Foundation of Commtech (today AIXO) in first TZA


  • Ericsson sets up Eurolab in Herzogenrath
  • Peerless Corporation invests in Baesweiler
  • Foundation of IBOS Quality Assurance Systems (today IOS) in first TZA
  • Aachen voted most favourable city for economic success


  • Sun Hydraulik chooses Baesweiler
  • Foundation of SST Ingenieurgesellschaft in first TZA
  • CeQuadrat (today ROXIO) sets up in first TZA
  • Opening of Chemnitz Technology Centre


  • Ford starts research activities in Aachen´
  • Escalator Handrail Company establishes in Baesweiler


  • Technology Centre at Europaplatz Aachen (TZA) opens its doors
  • Foundation of M-Base in TZA


  • Ten years of technology centres
  • Opening of Medical Technology Centre Aachen (MTZ)
  • Decentralisation of technology transfer: TAE and TEG agencies founded


  • INSTI-funding for patenting
  • AGIT becomes Internet provider for companies in TZA
  • EUtech sets up in TZA


  • SIEMENS opens test centre
  • Aachen RITTS project completed
  • Start of project Medical technology TZ NRW
  • P3 Solutions founded in TZA
  • TZA extension opens


  • The Year of IT companies in TZA: OPTIMAL System Beratung, BFI van der Meer (today ITXPLAIN), Tensing Geoinformatik
  • New Chairman of AGIT Supervisory Board: Professor Dr. Walter Eversheim


  • Impella Cardiotechnik founded in MTZ
  • Takasago Europe invests in Zulpich
  • Start of Car Sharing project
  • Aachen Competence Center - Electronic Commerce begins


  • Ford opens new European Research Centre
  • New regional development concept unveiled
  • Opening of MTZ extension
  • Venture Capital advisory days start
  • mnemoScience moves into MTZ
  • Hemoteq founded in MTZ


  • Euregionale Initiative Life Sciences starts
  • Aachen is model region at EXPO 2000
  • Savoye Logistics invests in Herzogenrath


  • Eurode Business Center opens its doors
  • Valiant Cleaning Technologies locates in TZA
  • TZA and MTZ praised by Ministries
  • New Internet presence: www.technology-region-aachen.com


  • Alaris Medical Systems opens in Baesweiler
  • Bralo chooses Würselen
  • LisaTek (today CoWare) founded in TZA
  • Start of W2M - Way to Market project
  • New Chairman of AGIT Supervisory Board: Dieter Philipp
  • Regional industrial space monitoring project begins
  • AGIT advises Prague and Pilsen regions


  • Think! Enterprise Solutions starts up in Hückelhoven
  • EuRegionale 2008 sets up in TZA
  • Life Tec Aachen - Jülich e.V. joins TZA
  • Aachen Medical Technology Competence Centre spins out of AGIT


  • Start of the euregional Business Angels network euBAn
  • DENSO locates in Wegberg-Wildenrath
  • Publication of the book "Monographie: Technologieregion Aachen"


  • Shinsung – Lux Technology locates in TZA
  • Start of the euregional Project AutomotiveNET.eu
  • Start of Transcend
  • Unsped locates in Wurselen


  • Start of the new internet presence www.technologieregion-aachen.de including a Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Axone locates in TZA