The economy needs technology and technology needs the economy.

As simple as it may sound, this correlation plays a decisive role in the growth of an entire region. Here in Aachen we are the partner for business enterprises opening doors for them and making the Technology Region Aachen more transparent. Whether it’s about setting up a company here, finding innovation partners or the targeted promotion of economically sound projects, AGIT is the development agency for the Aachen region and your partner for business.

Protecting ideas

New products, processes and services ensure long durability and competitiveness of your company or start-up. However, often new ideas and developments are on a legal basis not sufficiently protected or not protected at all. If that is the case, the inventor cannot ensure that his innovation may only be used by his company and cannot secure his competitive advantage.

With our help your invention or development can be competently safeguarded in terms of industrial property rights. For the registration costs for your patent or registered design we, as the representative of the Aachen Region, offer patent promotion under the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, "SIGNO - Schutz von Ideen für die gewerbliche Nutzung". We can help you find a patent lawyer, help with your application, patent researches and the first exploitation steps such as prototype construction or finding licence partners.

There’s more information on our advisory service below.

  • Patent Promotion: SIGNO-SME Patent Campaign

    Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups can with our help acquire development funding for the preparation and registration of intellectual property rights (patents or registered designs and brand names). more »
  • Patent Consultation Days

    Your company wants to develop new fields of business by introducing innovative products or processes, or you are the inventor of a high-quality innovation and you are unsure what to do now? Maybe there are legal questions to be clarified or a patent research has to be made? Then take advantage of the free and comprehensive advice offered by our specialists in one-to-one meetings. more »
  • Aachen Innovation Day

    At the end of every year "Aachen Innovation Day" is a rendezvous for experts from patenting, SIGNO partners, inventors and innovative SMEs. more »


Photo of Dipl.-Betriebswirtin Havva Head of Consulting for Technology-Oriented Companies, Authorised Signatory Coskun-Dogan

Dipl.-Betriebswirtin Havva Coskun-Dogan
Head of Consulting for Technology-Oriented Companies, Authorised Signatory
+49 (0)241/963-1027