The economy needs technology and technology needs the economy.

As simple as it may sound, this correlation plays a decisive role in the growth of an entire region. Here in Aachen we are the partner for business enterprises opening doors for them and making the Technology Region Aachen more transparent. Whether it’s about setting up a company here, finding innovation partners or the targeted promotion of economically sound projects, AGIT is the development agency for the Aachen region and your partner for business.

Development in rural areas through Technology Transfer: TeTRRA


TeTRRA – These are six letters that have great plans and stand for people with ideas – and that means YOU!

This innovative three-country joint project with 13 partners from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium is aimed at getting things moving in the Euregio Maas-Rhine (EMR).

Expanding the cross-border technology transfer and the successful recruitment of skilled personnel in business enterprises in EMR are the core issues of the inter-regional project TeTRRA Technology Transfer and Recruiting in Rural Areas.

And we are pleased to help:

  • Scientific institutes and SMEs
    are looking for cross-border research cooperation projects

...TeTRRA networks!

  • Enterprises
    are looking for skilled personnel, students and graduates as well as research and cooperation partners

...TeTRRA supports!

  • Students and graduates
    are looking for efficient and innovative employers in an attractive and family-friendly environment

...TeTRRA connects!


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