Starting up with technology. The innovative power of new business enterprises.

A Technology Region does not just appear out of thin air. Nor can it hold its own without using the power of new technological ideas, the latest findings from
the field of science and research or new processes
as the basis for 
establishing new companies.
And exactly that is what is so special about the
Aachen Region. Here – with our help – science
can become business. AGIT specialises in 
providing support for technology-oriented
start-up companies.

For start-ups

Business start-ups based on technology and innovations require professional preparation from the concept phase to the establishment on the market.

Everything starts with an idea.

  • However, can your technical business idea be realised on an economic basis?
  • How can your idea be optimised and adapted to meet market requirements?
  • How do you get from the idea to the product? Does the idea have to be protected?
  • Who can help in producing a prototype and realising a pilot production?
  • Is your marketing concept sound and sustainable? How can you finance the product?
  • If your idea does not qualify for funding assistance or the funding is not enough, what alternative forms of financing are available?

We will help you with your queries and provide you with professional support and advisory services for your start-up from the word go.


Our service for technology-based start-ups at a glance:


Photo of Dipl.-Betriebswirtin Havva Head of Consulting for Technology-Oriented Companies, Authorised Signatory Coskun-Dogan

Dipl.-Betriebswirtin Havva Coskun-Dogan
Head of Consulting for Technology-Oriented Companies, Authorised Signatory
+49 (0)241/963-1027