Starting up with technology. The innovative power of new business enterprises.

A Technology Region does not just appear out of thin air. Nor can it hold its own without using the power of new technological ideas, the latest findings from
the field of science and research or new processes
as the basis for 
establishing new companies.
And exactly that is what is so special about the
Aachen Region. Here – with our help – science
can become business. AGIT specialises in 
providing support for technology-oriented
start-up companies.

Funding and promoting

Financing new companies is often difficult, especially in the initial stages. A well thought-out funding strategy that suits your project is just as important as the right financing tools. The vast number of offers makes it difficult to select the right one for the individual needs and interests of your business enterprise.

We provide advice on all financing tools, in particular on funding for technology-oriented start-ups and enterprises. We specialise in support programmes for the fields of technology and innovation and will draw up with you the optimal financial concept.

We can help you by providing contacts to banks which in many cases of funding are your first point of call and can help you prepare for this. Holding companies, venture capital companies and business angels are often essential as co-investors in the pre-seed phase. 

We are pleased to assist you in making the necessary applications.

  • Support programme counselling

    Can I receive support for my start-up idea – my growth expansion project – my invention? Who is the right person to contact? What conditions am I bound by? With the vast number of support programmes it is not easy to get a clear overview and to keep up to date on the situation.  more »
  • Alternative funding resources

    Apart from support programmes, young enterprises can also revert to alternative funding resources such as venture capital or private financing. We will help you in contacting venture capital companies or the business angels networks. Just ask us. more »


Photo of Dipl.-Betriebswirtin Havva Head of Consulting for Technology-Oriented Companies, Authorised Signatory Coskun-Dogan

Dipl.-Betriebswirtin Havva Coskun-Dogan
Head of Consulting for Technology-Oriented Companies, Authorised Signatory
+49 (0)241/963-1027