Nucleus for highly innovative start-ups

The Technology Centre Aachen (TZA) offers excellent conditions for technology-oriented Start-ups. But also international investors use the centre as their optimal start position into the European market.

In addition the TZA is a well-known address for small and medium-sized events of all kinds.

With the Centre for Biomedical Technology (ZBMT) these two centres belong to a network of thirteen in total in the Aachen region - all with different orientation.

Technology Centres in Aachen

We to our three  Technology and Start-up Centres in Aachen.

You want to start up a technology-oriented business and would like to benefit from our graduated and subsidised rents?

You are looking for a location in Europe and want to sound out the market before acquiring real estate?

You want to organise a conference, a trade fair or major congress and are looking for appropriate rooms and exhibition space? 

Then let us welcome you to one of our technology centres. Draw the benefits from our years of experience!


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Carmen Angelmann
Advisory Service
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Dipl.-Ing. Iris Riedelbauch
Advisory Service
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Maria Etschenberg
Conference Rooms TZA
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