Nucleus for highly innovative start-ups

The Technology Centre Aachen (TZA) offers excellent conditions for technology-oriented Start-ups. But also international investors use the centre as their optimal start position into the European market.

In addition the TZA is a well-known address for small and medium-sized events of all kinds.

With the Centre for Biomedical Technology (ZBMT) these two centres belong to a network of thirteen in total in the Aachen region - all with different orientation.

TZA Technology Centre “am Europaplatz“ Aachen – The ideas factory for the region

TZA is the ideal location for technology-oriented enterprises. Whether you are a start-up or an international investor, the award-winning designed building very close to the city centre of Aachen, and with its ideal access to the motorway network, offers you optimal headquarters. Our office units are light and modern and can be rented or returned at short notice. Ground-level halls are reserved for prototype construction and small production plants. For service companies and business enterprises with many visitors TZA has various representative office-shops.

Technology-oriented start-ups benefit from a graduated, subsidised rent and for international investors the Centre is ideal as a launch pad for the European market. With its exclusive position in the border-triangle – Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands – and its proximity to internationally renowned teaching and research institutes, Aachen is the ideal location for enterprises operating internationally.

We offer our tenants an all-round service: a central visitors’ reception desk, a common telephone switchboard, mail receipt and distribution, caretaker and security services.

Rooms and halls in various sizes can be rented to meet your needs for events, meetings, conferences and exhibitions.

The Centre also has a car hire company, a restaurant and caterer and other service companies – all under one roof.

We are not only the proprietor of the Centre, we are also the Regional Development Agency for the Aachen Region, so we offer our tenants competent advisory service free of charge when starting up or expanding. Today some 90 business enterprises have their headquarters in TZA. If you would like to join them you will find more information below.

  • facts and figures

    TZA has a total of 14,250 m² for hire and is geared specifically towards the needs and requirements of technology-oriented businesses: more »
  • Service and infrastructure

    Together with our on-the-spot partners, the TZA offers an extensive infrastructure and services package. more »
  • Companies in the TZA

    If you move into the Technology Centre Aachen, then you are in good company. Over 85 dynamic businesses are currently conquering their markets from the Centre. Already 78 companies allocate voluntary their personal company data. more »
  • Directions

     more »


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360° Panorama view

Take a virtual tour through the function rooms with a 360° panorama view
Take a virtual tour through the function rooms with a 360° panorama view