Nucleus for highly innovative start-ups

The Technology Centre Aachen (TZA) offers excellent conditions for technology-oriented Start-ups. But also international investors use the centre as their optimal start position into the European market.

In addition the TZA is a well-known address for small and medium-sized events of all kinds.

With the Centre for Biomedical Technology (ZBMT) these two centres belong to a network of thirteen in total in the Aachen region - all with different orientation.

Business enterprises in the ZBMT

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Aachen Resonance GmbH
ZBMT: Medical technology


Mr. Alexander Rübben

Phone +49 (0)241/963-2125
Fax +49 (0)241/963-2125

AALZ GmbH Aachener Arbeitskreis für Laserzahnheilk
ZBMT: Laser technology


Ms. Ursula Apitzsch
Mr. Vanweersch

Phone +49 (0)241/47571310
Fax +49 (0)241/47571329

Adhesys Medical GmbH
ZBMT: Medical technology, Pharmaceuticals

The Adhesys Medical GmbH develops and intends to market a first of its kind biodegradable fully synthetic surgical adhesive. Two product lines will be launched: the first is for use on the skin, the second shall be used in surgical procedures in the human body.
The applications range from stopping diffuse bleeding to substituting sutures and bandages, with hospitals being the primary customers. The technology is so advanced, that it is likely to change how a great variety of surgical procedures are performed and it is set to save many lives in emergency situations (e.g. in armed combat or accidents).


Mr. Marius Rosenberg

Phone 0049-241 4125032-0
Fax -

CC&A Medical Components Ltd. -The Layer People-
ZBMT: Medical technology


Mr. Rudolf Marx

Phone +49 (0)241/47584486
Fax +49 (0)241/47582858

Hörzentrum Euregio
ZBMT: Medical technology


Mr. Matthias Kaulard

Phone +49 (0) 241 963 2170
Fax +49 (0) 241 963 2175

Philips Digital Photon Counting
ZBMT: Medical technology

Philips Digital Photon Counting – Company profile
Philips Digital Photon Counting is dedicated to designing and developing innovative digital detector solutions with high integration levels to revolutionize single photon counting in a broad range of applications such as medical imaging, high energy physics and analytical instrumentation.
Selected Products
Although photon counting is by definition a digital task, conventional silicon photomultipliers combine the electrical pulses generated by multiple photon detections into a single analog output signal that has to be processed by expensive power-consuming electronics in order to recover the photon count.
By integrating low-power CMOS electronics into the silicon photomultiplier chip, the team at Philips has developed a silicon photomultiplier in which each photon detection is converted immediately into an ultra high speed digital pulse that can be directly counted by on-chip counter circuitry. Moreover, these revolutionary new silicon photomultipliers can be manufactured using a CMOS process technology.
In contrast to conventional silicon photomultipliers, the Philips silicon photomultiplier is therefore an all-digital (digital-in/digital-out) device. As a result, it produces faster and more accurate photon counts with extremely well-defined timing of the first photon detection, both of which are important factors in applications such medical imaging scanners and high-energy nuclear particle detectors.
Key Features
• 8 x 8 pixels array
• Single photon counting capability
• Integrated Time-to-Digital converter
• First photon trigger (configurable)
• Excellent timing resolution
• Fully digital interface
• Four side tileable
• Configurable validation network for effective dark-count suppression
• Low disturbance by external magnetic fields


Mrs. Karen Wasser

Phone 0241-969 79 129
Fax 0241-969 79 191

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