Nucleus for highly innovative start-ups

The Technology Centre Aachen (TZA) offers excellent conditions for technology-oriented Start-ups. But also international investors use the centre as their optimal start position into the European market.

In addition the TZA is a well-known address for small and medium-sized events of all kinds.

With the Centre for Biomedical Technology (ZBMT) these two centres belong to a network of thirteen in total in the Aachen region - all with different orientation.

Directions ZBMT

Zentrum für Bio-Medizintechnik (ZBMT)
Pauwelsstr. 17
52074 Aachen

By car coming from Cologne (A4) or Düsseldorf (A44)

  • follow the A4 in the direction of “Antwerpen/Heerlen/Aachen” at the motorway interchange “Aachener Kreuz”
  • take exit 2 called “Aachen-Laurensberg”
  • next turn right in the direction of “Aachen-Laurensberg”
  • follow the street L260 in the direction of “Uniklinik”
  • turn right into the “Forckenbeckstraße” from which you again turn right into the “Pauwelsstraße”.

By bus

Aachener Verkehrsverbund

The ZBMT is closely located to the bus stop called “Aachen Worringerweg”. The following bus lines stop there:

  • Line 33 "Uniklinik" (stops also at the train station “Aachener Westbahnhof”)
  • Line 73/173 "Uniklinik" (stops also at the train stations “Bahnhof Rothe Erde” and “Aachener Westbahnhof”)
  • Line 3B "Uniklinik" (stops also at the central station “Aachen Hauptbahnhof”)
  • From the city it is also possible to take the bus line 45 "Uniklinik" that stops at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen, which is closely located to the ZBMT and hence easily reachable by a short walk.

By train

Deutsche Bahn


From Cologne and Düsseldorf you can reach the Aachen central station in about 45 to 60 minutes by train. Beyond that, coming from Belgium or France it is also possible to reach Aachen central station via the high-speed train “Thalys”.


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