• Photo: Andreas Herrmann
    Photo: Andreas Herrmann


    A location for the alert. The right location for you.

    The Technology Region Aachen offers a unique combination of high technology – with university and private research – and production know-how. Its international flair is immense – from the International Charlemagne Prize to the World Equestrian Festival – and yet it still has endearingly strong local roots and traditions. It is a lively corporate landscape with one of the best market geographies in Europe. AGIT promotes and develops this Technology Region and is the partner for international, national and regional enterprises when it comes to finding the ideal location.


    The economy needs technology and technology needs the economy.

    As simple as it may sound, this correlation plays a decisive role in the growth of an entire region. Here in Aachen we are the partner for business enterprises opening doors for them and making the Technology Region Aachen more transparent. Whether it’s about setting up a company here, finding innovation partners or the targeted promotion of economically sound projects, AGIT is the Development Agency for the Aachen Region and your partner for business.


    Starting up with technology. The innovative power of new business enterprises.

    A Technology Region does not just appear out of thin air. Nor can it hold its own without using the power of new technological ideas, the latest findings from the field of science and research or new processes as the basis for establishing new companies. And exactly that is what is so special about the Aachen Region. Here – with our help – science can become business. AGIT specialises in providing support for technology-oriented start-up companies.

After work is done...

It is not only the economic key figures that are important for the development of a region, the recreational value also plays a vital role. And again here the Aachen region has a lot to offer. More than 2,000 years ago the Romans settled in the region, appreciating the hot springs around Aachen. Nowadays it’s the varied countryside that surrounds the city, the far-reaching cultural programme and an inspirational landscape with numerous well preserved historical buildings that lends the Region its special charm.

Living in the Aachen region means enjoying life to the full and in all its varieties. In rural districts there are houses at affordable prices and an amazing diversity of landscapes. Big cities, such as Cologne, Dusseldorf or Brussels are close at hand and easy to reach. But the special flair of the region lies in the fact that although the border crossings to Belgium and the Netherlands have disappeared, there are still typical national differences. So you can make the most of this extensive offer, whether it’s cultural events, restaurants, shopping centres or housing. Choose what’s right for you and enjoy Europe in a nutshell.

  • Culture

    It is not only the City of Aachen that has a lot to offer culture-wise, the Districts also have their attractions. whether it’s theatre, concerts or museums. When it comes to culture the Aachen Region is way up front. It has everything to offer so that you know you’re in an innovative environment, and that not just in an economic sense, also when it comes to culture more »
  • Enjoy the countryside

    The countryside of the Aachen Region has a special charm in its versatility. The south has the highlands of the Eifel and the moor landscape of the Hohes Venn.  more »
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