• Photo: Andreas Herrmann
    Photo: Andreas Herrmann


    A location for the alert. The right location for you.

    The Technology Region Aachen offers a unique combination of high technology – with university and private research – and production know-how. Its international flair is immense – from the International Charlemagne Prize to the World Equestrian Festival – and yet it still has endearingly strong local roots and traditions. It is a lively corporate landscape with one of the best market geographies in Europe. AGIT promotes and develops this Technology Region and is the partner for international, national and regional enterprises when it comes to finding the ideal location.


    The economy needs technology and technology needs the economy.

    As simple as it may sound, this correlation plays a decisive role in the growth of an entire region. Here in Aachen we are the partner for business enterprises opening doors for them and making the Technology Region Aachen more transparent. Whether it’s about setting up a company here, finding innovation partners or the targeted promotion of economically sound projects, AGIT is the Development Agency for the Aachen Region and your partner for business.


    Starting up with technology. The innovative power of new business enterprises.

    A Technology Region does not just appear out of thin air. Nor can it hold its own without using the power of new technological ideas, the latest findings from the field of science and research or new processes as the basis for establishing new companies. And exactly that is what is so special about the Aachen Region. Here – with our help – science can become business. AGIT specialises in providing support for technology-oriented start-up companies.

  • Small big city

    Another typical characteristic of Aachen is that, although with its international flair it appears to be a big city, it is actually relatively small with only 258,664 inhabitants. more »
  • Lecker

    The Aachen Region has much more to offer than the famous gingerbread speciality, Aachener Printen, that is much loved by the locals and visitors from all over the world.  more »
  • Weather Tower Aachen

    Aachen has the reputation of often being a bit rainy, so that is why the city has a special kind of weather forecast. On the roof of one of the buildings next to the main railway station a weather tower was set up in 1956 and this shows what the weather is going to be like with the help of luminous colour codes. more »
  • Special Aachen Greeting

    The ‘Klenkes’, a raised pinky finger, is the identification logo of Aachen and a way of greeting fellow Aacheners. more »
  • Öcher Platt

    Öcher Platt is the dialect spoken by the old-stock locals. more »
  • Oche Alaaf!

    Carnival in Aachen: a time to be “jeck” – a word (pronounced “yeck”) almost beyond any translation, but getting close to crazy...  more »