Technology Centres in Aachen

Breeding ground for highly innovative start-ups

Enjoy the benefits of the technological expertise in our centres!

The Technology Centre Aachen (TZA) offers excellent conditions for technology start-ups. Apart from our know-how, we offer a central position for the European market. International investors have already used us as their spring board to European ventures.

TZA is also a well-known venue for corporate events appreciated and trusted by a wide range of companies.

United & specialised

Together with the Centre for Biomedical Technology (ZBMT), the TZA is part of a network of thirteen technology centers in the Aachen region – all offering best of class expertise in different fields.

Three reasons to bring your business to Aachen:

  • Recruit a highly specialised and motivated workforce and enjoy the benefits of subsidised rent in the process.
  • Aachen is the ideal sounding board to test the market before costly expansion and real estate acquisition.
  • We offer major facilities for conferences and exhibitions.

We are there for you

Sven Pennings
Department Head in the Management Board
Carmen Angelmann
Advisory Service
Dipl.-Ing. Iris Riedelbauch
Advisory Service
Andreas Vieß
Facility Management