Technology Region Aachen

In addition to its exposed location and the very good accessibility, the Technology Region Aachen holds further trump cards: The highly qualified personnel, the outstanding research and development landscape, strong branches and networks as well as the immense innovative potential (AC² Innovationspreis Region Aachen) of all located research facilities!

Optimum location conditions

Positioned in the heart of Europe the Technology Region Aachen offers business enterprises and investors the best possible conditions.

  • Within only four hours the most important major population centres in Central and Western Europe can be reached, and that means some 100 million people and 25 percent of the EU purchasing power.
  • Five European capital cities are within a radius of 500 km – four of which can be reached within 2.5 hours at the most.
  • With excellent connections to five motorways and
  • as a part of the European high-speed rail network the European metropolitan cities are never far away for the Technology Region Aachen.
  • Cities like Brussels can be reached by rail in an hour, or Paris in two and a half.
  • The two major sea ports Rotterdam and Antwerp are a two-hour drive away.
  • Flight connections are also excellent: in two hours (by car or rail) you can reach eight international airports with flight destinations to every continent.
  • In less than 90 minutes you can be at the airports Maastricht-Aachen, Liège, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Brussels.

Three countries – one economic area

Being so close to the Netherlands and Belgium, the Technology Region Aachen has become a cross-border economic area. This area brings together three countries and languages, as well as five different cultures: Expect a multi-cultural and vibrant environment. The Technology Region offers a unique advantage: It is the gateway to Germany, the Benelux countries and France – all in one.

The so-called Euregio Meuse-Rhine (EMR) comprises the Provinces of South-Limburg (The Netherlands), of Limburg (Belgium), Liège (Belgium), the German-speaking community (East Belgium) and the Aachen region (Germany):

  • 3.9 million people
  • 3 languages (German, French, Dutch)
  • 250,000 companies
  • 1.7 million employees
  • 87 billion euro GDP
  • 6 universities and with about 140.000 students

Strong branches and networks

Workforce potential

  • The Technology Region Aachen has a population of approximately 1.3 million. 58.000 persons teach or study at the universities. These are ideal conditions for finding highly qualified personnel.
  • Every year 3.000 graduates from RWTH Aachen University and 800 from the Aachen University of Applied Sciences – mostly in engineering and natural sciences – are on the labour market. 
  • The high quality of life in the Region makes it easier for employees to make a commitment on a long-term basis.
  • Alongside the many business enterprises, RWTH Aachen University is also very important as a vocational trainer; with more than 700 apprenticeships and training programmes it has the largest vocational training programme in the Region. The University and other educational facilities are also important for further qualifications of your employees.
    We provide support to every start up as well as to well established companies expanding setting up in the area
  • Being so close to Belgium and the Netherlands you have access to a cross-border labour market and therefore access to multi-lingual personnel.

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Excellent research and development

The universities in Aachen and the Forschungszentrum Jülich are something of a flagship for the Technology Region Aachen. The close co-operation between the universities and the technological hubs are fostering highly successful business. We look forward to help you succeed. 

Further information on the research landscape and the possibilities for cooperation with the universities can be found here:

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