In the fields of bioeconomy and transport/logistics experts and enterprises from both sides will present current topics with keynotes, workshops and networking. Workshop “Bioeconomy”
We are faced with the global challenges of providing for a growing world population, as well as climate change and health protection. Sustainable solutions are needed, and the bioeconomy can contribute to them. Over the past few years, a networkof clusters has established itself in Flanders, North Rhine-Westphalia and the Netherlands which is promoting the bioeconomy and accompanying the transformation of our industry. We want to discuss the first results, summarized in a plan of action, with you at this workshop. Workshop “Transport/Logistics”
Logistics is one of the most important functions of today‘s division of labor economy. Logistical systems are subject to constant change. At the same time, our production landscape is also changing. The increasing networking of processes is encapsulated in the term ‚Industry 4.0‘. Completely new materials cycles are emerging which also require the restructuring of logistics. What is the impact of these technological developments on economic and in particular logistical relations between Flanders
and North Rhine-Westphalia?