Company Breakfast at CEWAC, Liège: Metal Construction - Introduction to EN1090 Norm

If your company is producing products for metal construction, then you are concerned.

You have probably heard about the EN 1090 norm which is mandatory since July the 1st. The EC-marking is now obligatory to bring any product for metal construction to market, like a metal structure or a balustrade for example. Aim of this norm is to facilitate and standardize the European market of products for metal construction. 

To be allowed to append the EC-marking on a product, a specific quality system must be organized in your company and audited to get the “EN 1090 certification”.

To learn more about the EN 1090 norm and its implications for your company, we invite you to attend the information session organized by CEWAC asbl, the Walloon research center in the field of welding and associated controls. CEWAC can help you to set up a quality system leading to the EN 1090 certification.