Einstein Telescope - The underground: challenges & opportunities await!

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Date: 24.03.2022 / Time: 14:00 - 15:30 / Location: virtual

The underground: challenges & opportunities await!
Einstein Telescope: a unique underground infrastructure

It is often said in the construction industry that the underground is where the money can be found. But is this true? And if so, how do you get started on a project of this kind? But many other questions emerge as well. Such as, what are the things you have to take into account? Or, what are the existing techniques to map the underground and how can this be visualized?

The Einstein Telescope also has its challenges to face. With tunnels that are 30 kilometers long and can be found 250 meters underground, mapping the subsurface can be quite challenging.

This online keynote will teach you how this challenge was approached and which remote sensing and visualizing techniques can be applied.

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After all, the underground is where the money can be found.

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