Invitation “Open Innovation in the Greater EMR area”

Top Technology Clusters Mid-term-event
Cross-border cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises doesn’t necessarily sell itself. The “Top-Technology-Cluster”-project (TTC) offers a whole range of support services aimed at establishing cross-border cooperative alliances and/ or innovation projects esp. between SMEs in the Greater Euregio Meuse-Rhine region. These include the main pillars of cross-border network events, business development support as well as initial fi nancing options.

Focus of this event
Beside the review on the first 18 months of the TTC project, presenting intermediate results and successful cooperation brought to live so far, the focus will also be on “Open innovation (OI)”, a promising approach for creating cross-border business cooperation in the high-tech fi elds Life Sciences, ICT, Energy and Advanced Materials focussing on the increase of innovativeness of SMEs within the Greater Euregio Meuse-Rhine area. The concept OI and its high innovative potential often remains still unused by many technology oriented companies. As a consequence this “new path to innovation” is followed to a very different extent in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany as well as the various business fi elds in practice. Basic principle of OI is an “open” exchange of ideas across the borders of a company. OI makes a company join forces with other companies, especially to find complementarities. TTC opens up new horizons: Not only borders of companies, but also borders of countries have to be overcome! “Open innovation (OI)” across national borders is a new challenge! Outstanding international experts out of the Greater Euregio Meuse-Rhine area will give inspiring insights in OI by presenting ideas, processes and results. Likewise business representatives of cross-border cooperation consortia will present their best practices. TTC provides excellent opportunities for developing new value chains and doing better business! This project will engage intensive cross-border cooperation between companies.

Your chance
Get to know inspiring insights in OI Hear concrete business cases and learn from their practical experiences. Take advantage of the funding options, offered by TTC and the innovation fund ‘Cross-border Cluster Stimulus GCS’! Be inspired to apply within the upcoming second call for tender within GCS (autumn 2012) with a cross-border cooperation consortium. TTC will encourage your cooperation in and between these business fields! For more information on the event program, please download the attachment.