LIFE SCIENCES: How to leverage collaborations to save time and get more funding for your life science SME

Open innovation and collaboration are fast becoming a standard model for translational research. Granting agencies realize this. Thus, there are multiple funding opportunities for collaborative research projects. Collaborative projects are beneficial to SMEs. They provide a network for strategic partnerships. They increase an SME’s exposure to potential customers. Investors view involvement in funded collaborative projects as a validation of an SME’s business model. However, there is a problem. Time
As a life science SME you barely have time to do what you are already doing. How can you even think about dedicating time to a collaboration? Strategy In this presentation you will get a practical overview on the collaborative project funding landscape in Europe as well as strategies for making collaborations highly efficient. Workshop topics The European life sciences SME funding landscape
Alfredo Cesario – Open EU The Belgian SME innovation funding landscape
Vladimir Blagoevic – 113 Labs/Grant Snap Horizon 2020 Health Work Programme - opportunities for life science SMEs Scott Wagers, MD – BioSci Consulting Do I want to be in a collaboration as an SME?
Scott Wagers, MD BioSci Consulting How write a winning research proposal
Scott Wagers, BioSci Consulting