LIFE SCIENCES: 'Towards new healthcare: stem cell industrialization'

Stem cells are delivering on their promise. Their use in a clinical context is fast approaching. With the discovery of new stem cell sources and the ability to reprogram mature cells, stem cells can be used as essential ingredients of implants and injections. Moreover, combining stem cell know-how with new enabling technologies opens also a route to new platforms for drug discovery and development. The power of stem cells to heal and regenerate will revolutionize healthcare. But the practical implementation will take time. We need new technologies to work with stem cells. This is essential to enable the industrialization of processes and products based on stem cells to meet regulatory requirements and to ensure economical viability. Developing these technologies - necessary to bring stem cells from the lab into real life - calls for large-scale collaborations between public and private partners. Establishing multidisciplinary collaborations, driven by a combination of material technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology, is an ongoing process for high-tech regional development. This visionary seminar will bring you insights in how stem cell know-how, enabling technologies, and collaborative networks can drive the industrial adoption of therapies based on stem cells.