• New Chairman of AGIT Supervisory Board: Dipl.-Ing. Leo Pontzen
  • Change in Management: Dr. Helmut Greif retires, Dr. Lothar Mahnke is the new Managing Director


  • Number of innovation consultations reaches record high
  • Number of event participants in the TZA as high as never before
  • According to the commercial space monitoring report, the number of land sold in 2014 showed the second best result since records
  • Through the euregionale project GCS nearly 50 new jobs could be created and around 120 received


  • The number of technology-oriented start-ups is 47 as high as never before
  • Transfer of the complete MTZ to the building owner Gegra at the end of the year
  • Top Technology Cluster (TTC) sets standards for trans-national cooperation with a total of 22 cross-border projects
  • The European prize 'Sail of Papenburg 2014' goes to the Euregional Innovation Fund GCS as the best project in Europe
  • AGIT mbH, Limburg (NL), POM Limburg (B) and SPI (B) sign cooperation agreement for the continuation of the first cross-border site information system "The Locator" (www.the-locator.eu)


  • AGIT is ranked 3rd in the SIGNO ranking in the quality and quantity assessment of the service offer
  • Award with the 2nd prize of the "Aachen Marketing Prize" for the in-house development campaign "Did you know that ....?"
  • TZA is becoming more and more popular as an event location: some 40.000 people have participated in events there
  • 13 settlements from outside the region were realized
  • AGIT commercial site monitoring is now regarded as the leading system of commercial site monitoring and marketing in Germany
  • Anniversary celebration "30 years AGIT - 20 years TZA" takes place in November
  • Film presents the successes of AGIT and the related development of the Aachen Technological Region


  • Technologiergion Aachen as a showcase region at the opening of the NRW.Invest representative office in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • "AC²-Innovationspreis Region Aachen" is awarded for the first time as part of the AC² initiative "GROUNDING. GROWTH. INNOVATION."
  • New AGIT Internet presence
  • Construction of the two Galileo test areas automotiveGATE and railGATE has been successfully completed
  • Logistics project "euregiolog³" starts
  • Cross-border location information system "The Locator" is brought online


  • Commissioning ZBMT Center for Bio-Medical Technology
  • Publication of the new magazine "Region Aachen46" together with the Regio Aachen e.V.
  • Launch of the marketing campaign of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia "Germany at its best" with the participation of AGIT for the region under the brand "Technologiergion Aachen"


  • Location of Adler Vertriebs GmbH & Co. Werbegeschenke KG
  • Location of Cook Medical
  • Location of BAS Betontechnologisches Ingenieurbüro
  • Coaching service AixHighTIng for young technology enterprises in the Aachen Region starts
  • AGIT receives acclaim in the competition "The bike-friendliest employer"
  • Start der of construction work on the Bio-medical Technology Centre (ZBMT), the first building on the new RWTH Campus


  • 25-year jubilee of the Technology Centre "am Europaplatz" Aachen TZA
  • SIGNO-ranking: AGIT rated third nationwide
  • Location of Micromeretics GmbH
  • Location of Minerawa
  • Location advertising campaign "Did you know that ..."
  • First edition of the new lacation magazine "aHEAD"
  • Ulrich Schirowski is appointed second Managing Director (Regional Development)
  • NRW-Ziel-2-Programm: Aachen Region is the most sucessful region in NRW with 86 winning projects
  • Galileo above starts


  • Location of Dimethaid GmbH, German subsidary of Nuvo Research Inc.
  • "Aachen China Office" ACO opens in Ningbo
  • NRW.Bank-Ideenwettbewerb Prize 2008 for AGIT's „Euregional Information-Service“


  • MTZ: 100 % occupancy
  • Change in Management: Bernd Thomas retires, Dr. Helmut Greif is the new Managing Director
  • iOpener locates


  • Start of the new internet presence www.technologieregion-aachen.de including a Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Axone locates in TZA
  • "Innovationspreis Region Aachen" awarded for the first time to enterprises from the entire Region (chamber district)


  • Shinsung – Lux Technology locates in TZA
  • Start of the euregional Project AutomotiveNET.eu
  • Start of Transcend


  • Start of the euregional Business Angels network euBAn
  • DENSO locates in Wegberg-Wildenrath
  • Publication of the book "Monographie: Technologieregion Aachen"
  • New location campaign


  • Think! Enterprise Solutions starts up in Hückelhoven
  • Quanta Computer locates in the Region
  • EuRegionale 2008 sets up in TZA
  • Life Tec Aachen - Jülich joins TZA
  • Aachener Medical Technology Competence Centre spins out of AGIT
  • Start of the Euregional location marketing initiative "Meuse Rhine Triangle - Heartbeat of Business in Europe"


  • Alaris Medical Systems opens in Baesweiler
  • Bralo chooses Würselen
  • LISATek (now: CoWare) founded in TZA
  • Start of W2M - Way to Market project
  • New Chairman of AGIT Supervisory Board: Dieter Philipp
  • Regional industrial space monitoring project starts
  • AGIT advises Prague and Pilsen regions


  • Eurode Business Center opens its doors
  • Valiant Cleaning Technologies locates in TZA
  • TZA and MTZ awarded by Ministries
  • New Internet presence: www.technologieregion-aachen.de


  • Euregional Initiative Life Sciences starts
  • Aachen is model region at EXPO 2000
  • Savoye Logistics invests in Herzogenrath


  • Ford opens new European Research Centre
  • New regional development concept unveiled
  • Opening of MTZ extension
  • Venture Capital Consulting Days start
  • mnemoScience moves into MTZ
  • Hemoteq founded in MTZ


  • Impella Cardiotechnik founded in MTZ
  • Takasago Europe invests in Zülpich
  • Start of Car Sharing project
  • Aachener Competence Center - Electronic Commerce begins


  • THE year of IT-companies in TZA: OPTIMAL System Beratung, BFI van der Meer (now: ITXPLAIN) and Tensing Geoinformatik
  • New Chairman of AGIT Supervisory Board: Professor Dr. Walter Eversheim


  • SIEMENS opens test centre
  • Aachen RITTS projects completed
  • Start of project Medical Technology TZ NRW
  • P3 Solutions founded in TZA
  • TZA extension opens


  • INSTI-funding for patenting
  • AGIT becomes Internet provider for companies in TZA
  • EUtech sets up in TZA


  • 10 years' anniversary of technology centres
  • Opening of Medical Technology Centre Aachen (MTZ)
  • Decentralisation of technology transfer: TAE and TEG agencies founded


  • Technology Centre at Europaplatz Aachen (TZA) opens its doors
  • Foundation of M-Base in TZA


  • Ford starts research activities in Aachen
  • Escalator Handrail Company establishes in Baesweiler


  • Sun Hydraulics chooses Baesweiler
  • Foundation of SST Ingenieurgesellschaft in first TZA
  • CeQuadrat (now: ROXIO) sets up in first TZA
  • Opening of Chemnitz Technology Centre


  • Peerless Corporation invests in Baesweiler
  • Foundation of IBOS Quality Assurance Systems (now: IOS) in first TZA
  • Ericsson sets up Eurolab in Herzogenrath


  • Bernd Thomas appointed Managing Director of AGIT
  • Mitsubishi Semiconductor Europe invests in Alsdorf
  • Foundation of Commtech (now: AIXO) in first TZA
  • Foundation of Cerobear in first TZA


  • Foundation of KryptoKom (now: Utimaco) in first TZA
  • AGIT promotes region in Sweden and Japan
  • First publication of "NEWS" magazine


  • CemeCon moves into first TZA
  • ComConsult set up present at first TZA
  • First presentation of "Technology Region Aachen" at CeBIT '87


  • Start of technology transfer collaborative projects
  • New activities at AGIT: Technology Transfer and Inward Investment Attraction
  • Foundation of HEAD acoustics in first TZA
  • AGIT solicits for US-investors


  • Foundation of Parsytec in first TZA
  • Foundation of ave Verkehrsinformatik in first TZA
  • Planning conference: AGIT receives regional sphere of competence


  • Opening of first Aachen Technology Centre (TZA)
  • Aixtron moves into first TZA
  • Prometec sets up in first TZA
  • Foundation of PP-COMM (now: Cycos) n first TZA


  • September 16: Foundation of "Aachener Gesellschaft für Innovation und Technologietransfer AGIT"