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With the decided coal phase-out and against the background of the energy turnaround and climate change, the Aachen region as part of the Rhenish mining district ("Rheinisches Revier") is facing the major challenges of structural change. Along the four future-oriented fields of energy and industry, resources and agribusiness, innovation and education, and space and infrastructure, projects are being developed and cooperations entered into in order to master the structural change in the Rhenish mining area and to create new value added and new jobs. We are actively involved in structural change. Together with StädteRegion Aachen, the AG Structural Change Working Group of StädteRegion Aachen will coordinate and moderate the projects. We initiate projects and network partners from science, economy and politics. In addition, we are involved in structural-relevant projects, such as Brainergy Park in Jülich.

Alliance for Structural Change - The Regional BMBF Project Family

From the region, for the region and far beyond to new future markets, jobs and living spaces - this is the arc that a total of five top-class research consortia from the "Technology Region Aachen", supported within the framework of the funding initiative „Innovation & Strukturwandel“ of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), are building: The company- and research-driven alliances are dedicated to globally significant key technologies.  They not only offer the chance to attract up to 60 million euros in funding to the region, but also to address key economic and social challenges of the 21st century, create new jobs and open up new global markets.

Here you will find brief profiles of the individual projects, whose full applications will be decided by independent juries at the federal level by the fall of this year. Further information on the projects can be found on the respective project Websites:


Mine ReWIR prepares for the lignite phase-out,
by establishing a regional innovation Network.

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LASER.region.AACHEN bundles the regional laser competence technology and makes the industry hotspot visible.

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PUMAc-Fx is developing an ultra-light hydrogen gas turbine unit and is establishing a regional production cluster for this purpose.

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reACt develops and implements absorbable medical materials that can avoid 40% of surgeries.

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INGRAIN intelligently networks the agricultural, textile and food industries and drives innovation-based structural change.

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Joint networking event in February 2021

In order to introduce itself to the (supra)regional public, AGIT organized a joint networking event in February 2021 in cooperation with the regional BMBF project projects. Read the report of the Aachener Nachrichten.
The aim was not only to find further "fellow makers" and supporters in the business community, politics, local authorities, associations and intermediaries, but also to make clear the special synergies and cooperation potentials with which the "regional BMBF project family" will jointly contest the further concept and implementation phase! You can find more information about the contents of cooperation here: Synergies of the projects.

The networking and transfer between the BMBF projects and the region will be coordinated by the AGIT and will be accompanied and promoted by it in the further process. 

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