Structural change

With the decided coal phase-out and against the background of the energy turnaround and climate change, the Aachen region as part of the Rhenish mining district ("Rheinisches Revier") is facing the major challenges of structural change. Along the four future-oriented fields of energy and industry, resources and agribusiness, innovation and education, and space and infrastructure, projects are being developed and cooperations entered into in order to master the structural change in the Rhenish mining area and to create new value added and new jobs.

We are actively involved in structural change. Together with StädteRegion Aachen, the AG Structural Change Working Group of StädteRegion Aachen will coordinate and moderate the projects. We initiate projects and network partners from science, economy and politics. In addition, we are involved in structural-relevant projects, such as Brainergy Park in Jülich.

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Nina Walkenbach M. A.
Head of Department