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Welcome to the technology-region Aachen!

As a regional business development company, we are supporting companies, industry and services free of charge for a period of more than 30 years, in Start-up & Innovation, Economic Development, Business Networks & Location Information and Inward Investment in order to strengthen the Technology Region.

AGIT is embedded in a region with numerous scientific institutions, such as RWTH Aachen University, Aachen University of Applied Sciences or Forschungszentrum Jülich. These ideal conditions offer the players in the Technology Region Aachen an ideal breeding ground for future developments in and around future technological topics. These are the best prerequisites for advancing technology transfer between universities and industry and increasing the required start-up activity of the Aachen economic region in order to keep it competitive or to further optimise this position. It is precisely at this interface that AGIT, including its participations and memberships, would like to play a central role.

The AGIT team works for the City of Aachen and the StädteRegion Aachen, the district of Düren and the district of Euskirchen and, with annual sales of 4,5 Mio. Euro in 2019, was able to reach more than 2.300 company representatives at events, carry out 180 individual management consultancies, accompany 28 individual patent applications and launch 100 promotional consultancies with investments amounting to millions, to name just a few examples of success.

Facts about the Technology Region Aachen

Situated so conveniently in Europe with quick and easy access to major cities, the Aachen region is an ideal location. Within a radius of 500 km two thirds of the population of Western Europe can be reached.   >>more

Success in the region

More than 55.000 industrial enterprises feel at home in the Aachen region. Here some of them explain why they are so successful. >> more

Living in the Euregio

means enjoying diversity. Reasonably priced housing, top-class educational facilities, varying landscapes, proximity to major cities, extensive opportunities for leisure and cultural activities and much more, that is what makes living in the border triangle – where Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet – so special. It’s where Europe’s close at hand.